Galactic Empire State of Mind

Long Arm of the Hutt
Brawn and Brains

The new crew of the Krayt Fang had a rough time with their ship. Lowwwwrick was physically ill from the smell, while others were just at the point of gagging. While searching the ship for information, T8-TR found supplies and credits. Aylin found some Wookie pelts stored in a hidden compartment. Aylin almost immediately used them to take a swing on Lowwwwrick. This caused the Wookie to violent puke. T8-TR stepped in and decided to space them. Aylin was upset at the loss of potential credits. Lowwwwrick wanted to murder Aylin. This crew is bonding fast!

Torr was able to find the sound for the obnoxious pig noises, a.k.a. Gammorean Opera. Trex had the worst taste in music. Aylin kept searching, when he came across NAME, a Twi’lek who had been captured and one lekku severed by Trex. NAME was grateful that the group released him, and suggested that if they take him to Ryloth, his people would help repair their ship. After some debate on the authenticity of NAME, it was decided that this was their best option at the time. Torr configured the guidance to Ryloth.

Escape from Mos Shuuta
The first adventure

Ducking out of sight from Teemo the Hutt’s goons, the players find themselves inside a cantina in Mos Shuuta. Everyone finds a place to hide or blend in just before the Gamorreans walk in the front door.

As the Gamorreans turn to leave, one member of the team, Ailyn, throws his drink in the face of the closest Gamorrean. After a short fire fight, the group spoke with the bar tender who suggested looking into a ship that had landed recently, but had a damaged Hypermatter Reactor Drive, the Krayt Fang. They took off to find a working Hypermatter Reactor Drive for a ship they planned on stealing.

Luckily the junkyard in town had one, but it was on hold. The owner, who hates droids, was not willing to part. While talking with the group, T8-TR follows an old astromech droid outside. T8-TR explained they were looking for the part, and the little droid said he knew were it was and would get it.

Turning on a dime, the astromech went straight inside to get the part. T8-TR quickly followed and whispered to his group. Aylin and Lowwwwrick kept the conversation fast to distract the owner from noticing the theft. T8-TR grabbed the HRD from the astromech and the group left with the quickness.

The group then went to the spaceport to disengage the locks holding the Krayt Fang at the docking bay. Unsure how to make their way past the two guarding droids, T8-TR decided to go up and bluff their way past. The droids were not sure, but decided it was best to let them past. Shortly after entering the spaceport, they were confronted by the spaceport captain. The captain was extremely suspicious of the group just walking in without any proper clearance.

Using Teemo as a cover story, they stated that they must unlock the Krayt Fang to repair so that Trex’s ship would be working again. The spaceport captain was annoying by the request, but was also in a rush to get them out. She cleared the order and the Krayt Fang was free for take off. As the group exited, an Imperial Shuttle arrived.

Exiting the spaceport led them into two groups of stormtroopers closing in from both sides. Knowing how lethal stormtroopers can be, they sprint into alley ways. Darting between streets, taking erratic left and rights, the stormtroopers were finally left behind. They quietly made their way back to the hanger where the Krayt Fang was docked.

With swagger like no other, the group walked right into the hanger stating they were here to fix the ship. Until Trex, the Trandoshan captain of the Krayt Fang, saw right through their lies. Security droids begin blasting, and Captain Trex retreated back into the ship. A grenade blocked off two droids, leaving up shooting from upstairs. Ailyn and Lowwwwrick chased after Trex, who had positioned himself to take shots at them as soon as they cleared the loading ramp. Trex took a hard shot to the gut. His only chance for survival was to make a run for it. He abandoned his ship, bleeding everywhere. T8-TR and Torr ran for the ship and took off, leaving Trex to die.

As soon as the ship made it clear of the city, two Tie Fighters came screaming in, lighting up the hull with from their green laser cannons. T8-TR was frantically trying to install the HRD, while Ailyn was attempting to out maneuver the fighters to line up shots for Lowwwwrick and Torr. One Tie shatter into a ball of fire and burn debris. Before the other could retaliate, the ship launched into hyperspace, dropping out near Ryloth. The ship was filled with a terrible smell, blaring Klaxons, and something awful what sounded like squealing pigs.

But at least they were free and had a ship.


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