Galactic Empire State of Mind

Long Arm of the Hutt

Brawn and Brains

The new crew of the Krayt Fang had a rough time with their ship. Lowwwwrick was physically ill from the smell, while others were just at the point of gagging. While searching the ship for information, T8-TR found supplies and credits. Aylin found some Wookie pelts stored in a hidden compartment. Aylin almost immediately used them to take a swing on Lowwwwrick. This caused the Wookie to violent puke. T8-TR stepped in and decided to space them. Aylin was upset at the loss of potential credits. Lowwwwrick wanted to murder Aylin. This crew is bonding fast!

Torr was able to find the sound for the obnoxious pig noises, a.k.a. Gammorean Opera. Trex had the worst taste in music. Aylin kept searching, when he came across NAME, a Twi’lek who had been captured and one lekku severed by Trex. NAME was grateful that the group released him, and suggested that if they take him to Ryloth, his people would help repair their ship. After some debate on the authenticity of NAME, it was decided that this was their best option at the time. Torr configured the guidance to Ryloth.


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